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[2021] Crassula Release Week 37

v21.09.4 - 21.09.5

New Features

Minimum exchange amounts

Now the Amount field is prefilled with the minimum exchange amounts when exchanging currencies in the Web Interfaces. The amount is prefilled for all currencies when exchanging cryptocurrencies. The minimum values are set in the system configs.

XE exchange rates

The XE gateway is now available and the exchange rates can be provided. Contact your manager for configuration details.


Activity logs for Requests

Now all activities performed in the Requests section of Exchange are available in the Admin Panel Activity logs.

Angular 12 implementation

Crassula frontend is updated to the new Angular 12 framework. The system update will help us to solve some vulnerability issues in the system.

Merchant names

The First name and Last name parameters are added to eCommerce reports.


Country codes for payments

An error occurred when executing dynamic payments with both Beneficiary Country Code and Bank Country Code parameters set. Now the Banking Web Interface provides only the Bank Country Code parameter for configuration.

Payment processing status

Some transactions performed by the Yandex service provider could not be processed further. Now the issue is fixed and failed transactions are sent to the Declined state.

Transactions (pre-approval) export

An error occurred when exporting transaction lists in the Transactions (pre-approval) section. The issue is fixed.

Transaction processing status

Some transactions performed by the Sberbank service provider were displayed with an incorrect status. the issue is fixed.

Transactions widget

Some eCommerce cryptocurrency transactions were displayed incorrectly in the Merchant Web Interface widgets. The issue is fixed.

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