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[2021] Crassula Release Week 40

core v21.10.2, v21.10.3
client v21.10.1, v21.10.2

New Features

Account country

Now it is possible to select a country when creating a banking account in the Web Interface. The parameter influences the list of currencies available for the account. Contact your manager for configuration details.

New payout parameters

New payout request parameters are implemented for the Contact service provider. The new details will be requested to send a payout via the Merchant Dashboard.

The Italian language

Now it is possible to enable the Italian language for the Banking Web Interface. Contact your manager to add the option to your system configurations.


Payout validation field

Now the validation error messages define the parameters that are missing.


Access roles

The Supervisor View Only access was not visible for some clients. Now the option is available when configuring access roles for Issued cards.

API responses

The description of some responses was not visible due to the black background. Now the issue is fixed, and the messages are readable.

Currencies list

The list of currencies could be displayed incorrectly in the Web Interface. The issue is fixed.

Currency exchange

In some cases, it was not possible to select an account for currency exchange in the Banking Web Interface. The issue is fixed.

Transfer details

Field mapping for postal codes could not be performed correctly. Now the information is delivered to the corresponding fields.

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