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[2021] Crassula Release Week 45

core v.21.11.4

New Features

Banking Circle FX

The new Banking Circle FX service provider is integrated. Now it is possible to receive rates and exchange funds using the service provider. Contact your manager for configuration details.


Access groups

Now Access groups are divided into Banking and eCommerce for better usability of the Administrative Panel.

Decta service provider

The decta_card filter is added to the list of account transactions in the Banking Administrative Panel. Now it is possible to filter out transactions of the service provider.


Account opening

In some cases, it was not possible to open a new account in the Administrative Panel without a service provider defined. Now the issue is fixed.

Decta account balance

Some accounts could not provide balance details in the Banking Web Interface. Now the issue is fixed.

eCommerce transactions

Some filters could not be applied when exporting eCommerce transactions. Now all filters can be applied to the transactions list.

Insufficient funds error

Some exchange orders could be declined due to the Insufficient balance error from the Kraken provider. Now the issue is fixed and account balances are processed correctly.

Railsbank card transactions

Some Railsbank card transactions could remain in the Pending status even if an error occurred. The issue is fixed. Now all failed transactions are in the Declined status.

The Language section

The Language section of the Banking Web Interface could not be displayed correctly after language switching. Now the issue is fixed.

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