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[2021] Crassula Release Week 47

core v.21.11.8-21.11.9

New Features


The new Cashback feature is implemented for outgoing banking transactions of SWIFT, SEPA, and crypto payment methods. See Price lists for additional details.

ComplyAdvantage integration

Now the ComplyAdvantage service provider is integrated to perform transaction monitoring. The process is similar to the one delivered by the Huntli compliance system.



Now Super Admins can edit IBAN details if the account is not provided with an external provider ID.


The Contact payouts are improved for eCommerce. Now the Latin alphabet is used when beneficiary name and surname are generated automatically. Thus, payout requests will correspond to localization details.



Some Iorys trasnactions processed in the LHV channel could be duplicated in the Transactions list. Now the issue is fixed.

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