If you have not learned the Batch payment execution process yet, navigate to the Batch payments article for details.

The mass payout wallet must be configured to have additional approval for all transfers. Never use the wallets without additional approval for batch payments due to the high risk of duplicates.

Follow the steps below to create a new Batch payment:

  • Select a Provider name from the drop-down list in the Provider Name field.

  • Select a currency for the Batch payment. The currency should correspond to the wallet currency.

  • Set the number of recipients that will be addressed per batch. One file can contain an unlimited number of recipients. However, BitGo has a limitation for the number of addresses that can be processed in one batch. Crassula system will split the list of recipients into batches — a maximum of 100 recipients per batch.

It is possible that the network can be overloaded and the “Too many requests” error may occur. In this case, enter the lower number of recipients per batch and try again.

  • Define the address of a wallet used as a source of crypto liquidity for executing batch payments.

  • Import a CSV or XLS file with the list of wallets and amounts to transfer as a Batch payment. Remember to download and see an example in the top sidebar.

  • Click Create to convert the file to API request and prepare the payment operation.

  • Navigate back to the Batch Payment list.

  • The Batch payment has been successfully created notification appears.

  • Click Start to launch the payment.

  • The transaction status will change to Waiting for approval.

  • Navigate to BitGo to approve the transaction. You will see a notification in the Activity tab. Please mind that the user who approves the transaction must be different from the user who has created the account with the wallet for batch payments on BitGo.

  • After completing the payment, the status of the transaction will change to Approved.

  • Navigate back to the Batch Payment list and click Show to open the details of created batch payment.

  • Click the request ID to see the details of a particular batch. The following details will be provided:

    • Iteration status.

    • The list of recipients who successfully received the payment.

    • The list of recipient addresses containing errors.

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