Limits define the amount and the number of transactions allowed for the Client. The limits are to be set for every Verification level, therefore a Client increases their Limit by means of improving their Verification level.

Follow the steps below to create a Limit:

  1. Navigate to the Limits tab.

  2. Click Add New in the top-right corner.

  3. Select a Client Verification Level to set the Limit for (see Identification requests for details).

  4. Select a Client Type.

  5. Type in the Limit name in the Name field.

  6. Add a description in the Description field.

  7. The Limit status is Active by default. Disable the limit if you do not need it active once it is created.

  8. Click Add New to add a threshold for transactions or transfers.

  9. Fill in the Thresholds details (See Limits for additional description).

  10. Click Create to confirm the Limit initiation.

The created Limit is assigned to clients automatically depending on their verification level. The verification levels correlate with the Client identification stage:

  • Level 1 (email verified).

  • Level 2 (email and phone number verified).

  • Level 3 (email, phone number, and documents verified - the level is manually applied to a Client).

  • Level 4 (email, phone number, and documents verified, the questionnaire is complete - the level is manually applied to a Client).

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