Application forms allow you to request additional information from a Client using a configured questionary.

Follow the steps below to make a new application form:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel.

  2. Click Banking on the left sidebar.

  3. Navigate to the Application forms menu item.

  4. Click Add new in the top-right corner of the tab.

  5. Enter a form name and description in the first two fields.

  6. Paste a link preliminarily generated for the form.

  7. Click Add question to start completing the first question.

  8. Fill in the question Title and Description forms.

  9. The Text question type does not require additional details.

  10. The Select question type requires answer options to be preset.

10.1. Click Add.

10.2. Enter an answer option in the Option field.

10.3. Create as many options as needed.

11. Click Add question in order to supply additional questions to the form if needed.

12. Click Create to apply the changes.

The link must lead to a landing page created with Crassula API. Then the data will be successfully transferred from/to the Crassula Admin Panel.

What is next?

Navigate to the How to assign an Application form article to learn how to request the form from a Client.

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