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Crassula Release Week 10

core v.24.02.12-24.03.4
client v.24.02.8-24.03.3


Administrative Panel

The .xls file format is no longer available for export in account statements, admin panel windows, reports, and merchant dashboards.


  • The GET ​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/issued-cards​/{id} method is deprecated. The GET​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/issued-cards​/{id}​/cardholder-data method covers the functionality and should be used instead to access card details.

  • The GET​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/issued-cards​/{id}​/cardholder-data method is provided with 2FA configuration.

  • The language field is supported by the /public/register and /public/register/full methods. Now it is possible to set the field to one of the options defined in the locale field. If the language field is not specified manually, it will be set to English by default.

  • The response body of GET ​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/issued-cards is provided with the new externalId field. The implementation covers an issue where users were unable to locate the card ledger ID due to its absence in the API response.

See Banking API for additional details.

Banking Web Interface

  • The new Two-factor Authentication Required pop-up window is implemented and is shown on transfer confirmation if 2FA is not enabled for the profile. The new window navigates clients to Settings for further configuration.

  • Now, two-factor authentication is requested when making batch payments.


The Risk Level and Score fields are automatically updated upon receiving Huntli updates.

Currency exchange

Previously, Crassula could request order status updates from Kraken earlier than the order is created on the provider’s side. The fact could lead to successful exchange orders being rejected in Crassula. Now the workflow is improved to request order status updates after an increased timeout to avoid unnecessary rejections.


  • Transactions of the Unique MCC Transactions type (card payments) can now be processed by Railsr and considered in account balances.

  • Railsr directDebit and card transactions can now be sent to Huntli for compliance checks.


Administrative Panel

The wrong order was applied when Charged fees were sorted by the Created at date at the page opening. Now the issue is fixed, the functionality works as intended.

Banking Web Interface

Account balances could be misinterpreted as they showed current balances even if there were pending transactions. Now the functionality is fixed to show only available balances as intended.

Price lists

In some cases, updates made in price lists and custom price lists could lead to errors in vault rates and front-end. Now the issue is fixed, the functionality works as intended.


Clearbank exchange transactions for sums with digit group separators could be processed incorrectly due to the separator sign issues. Now the separator sign is set according to the Clearbank requirements, the issue is fixed.

Upcoming Updates



The following methods will be implemented for FX transactions to respond with the cut-off time for a specified currency:

  • /exchange/api/operation-time/{from}-{to}

  • /api/clients/{clientId}/operation-time/{from}-{to}

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