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[2022] Crassula Release Week 12

core v.22.03.10-22.03.12



Now an error message is displayed when attempting to add an emoji to an Account name in the Web Interface.

Administrative access roles

Now only the following fields can be changed by Agents in a Person profile: First Name, Last Name, Email, Locale, and Password.

Administrative panel

  • The Help button is implemented in the Vaults section.

  • The Waiting for approve status text is replaced with Waiting for Approval.


Now currency exchange transactions can be created via API.

API keys

Now Agent companies can add API keys of the Testing type.

Price lists

The Percent field description is provided for the Reccuring fees configuration window. See Price lists for functionality details.

Scheduled payments

Now the Scheduled payments functionality is available for tranfers between own accounts.


Now it is possible to add the percent sign % to the Details field when creating a transaction.



Some clients with umlauts in their names could not have their IBANs generated for active accounts. Now the issue is fixed.

Administrative access roles

Asynchronous export was fixed for Agent roles. Now logout is not required.


The QR code image for 2fa setup in the admin panel is now fully displayed and can be added to 2fa apps successfully.

Banking Web Interface

Newly added phone numbers could not be edited in the Web Interface Settings. Now the issue is fixed.


Vault rates could not be displayed for some clients with a Standard price list assigned to their profiles. Now the issue is fixed.

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