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[2022] Crassula Release Week 13

core v.22.03.12-22.04.01


Admin profile

When editing an admin profile, the Role parameter cannot be changed by mistake anymore. The field is not active until you click the footnote below it. 

Administrative panel

The Help button is implemented in the Triggered limits section.



An error occurred when generating IBANs for Finance accounts in the Administrative Panel. Now the issue is fixed.


Now the correspondent error code is displayed when troubleshooting API actions.

eCommerce transactions

An Error 404 was displayed when processing GlobalPay eCommerce transactions. The issue is fixed.


  • Now an error message is shown when the user tries to open a Vault account having not enough funds in the corresponding currency.

  • The available amount could not be re-calculated according to the switched currency in the Vault creation window. Now the issue is fixed.

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