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Crassula Release Week 16

core v.24.04.6-24.04.7
client v.24.04.3-24.04.4



  • The following changes are implemented for the POST /api​/public​/change-password-request​/{email} endpoint:

    • The 404 error code is replaced with 204 to make the password recovery more secure.

    • The 422 error code is provided with a detailed description.

  • The Valid From and Valid To fields are now validated when creating a fee via API and Admin Panel.

  • The new includeFeeInFromAmount parameter is implemented for the /currency/exchange/dry-run and /currency/exchange endpoints. The improved functionality operates as follows:

    • When disabled, the exchange fee is added to the fromAmount value as an extra charge.

    • When enabled, the exchange fee is subtracted from the fromAmount value reducing the exchanged sum.

  • Risk levels are fully supported by the /clients/{clientId}/scoring/huntli method. The following options are now available: low, medium, high, very high, restricted, and refuse to board.

See Banking API for details.


The Ultimate_debtor field can now be received from Centrolink incoming transactions and can be found in transaction details for further processing.

Web Interface

The Account verification window is redesigned to deliver more options to the clients depending on their verification status.


Web Interface

A credit transaction could not be created when making a payment using an existing draft. The functionality is fixed and works as intended.

Upcoming Updates


The GET /clients/{clientId}/issued-card-creation-fee/{cardType} method will be deprecated. The GET /api/clients/{clientId}/card-order-options endpoint will cover the functionality and should be used instead of the deprecated endpoint.

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