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Crassula Release Week 17

core v.24.04.10-24.04.12
client v.24.04.7-24.04.8



  • The GET /clients/{clientId}/issued-card-creation-fee/{cardType} method is deprecated. Use the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/card-order-options endpoint instead, as it now encompasses the functionality previously covered by the deprecated method.

  • Added the ultimateDebtorName and the ultimateBeneficiaryName optional fields to the POST /transfer/sepa and POST /transfer/swift methods. Additionally, these changes are also reflected in the Admin Panel: In the Parameters section, the country associated with the IP address is now also recorded along with the IP address itself.

  • The endpoint GET /api/reports/banking/accounting.{format} is marked as deprecated. Introduced new endpoints to support asynchronous export processes:

    • For initiating export requests, use POST /api/reports/banking/accounting/export-requests/{format}.

    • To check the status of an export request, use GET /api/reports/banking/accounting/export-requests/{id}.

See Banking API for details.

Card issuing

Enhanced the card issuing process to display a list of currencies from the availableCurrencies field and a list of shipping fees from the shippingFees field, both returned by the new API endpoint /api/clients/{clientId}/card-order-options. This update provides clearer options and fees during the card issuing process.

See Banking API for details.

Company registration

Implemented a new functionality that manages the creation and updating of a company with specific business types. Using new configurations, admins can now restrict the selection of certain business types for specific countries. For example, the business type OTHERS can be prohibited or completely hidden from the Business type list.


Implemented conversion for transactions into the default currency in the Salv checker service for transfers made in non-default currencies. Additionally, for Litas Sepa transactions, the sender's bank name and country details are now automatically filled in using the IBAN resolver.

Web and Mobile Interfaces

  • Enhanced the Currency exchange workflow by introducing a partnerId parameter to identify transactions and adding a pop-up notification. This notification confirms the transaction's success even if an error message indicates that a transaction with the same partnerId has already been processed.

  • Introduced a new feature flag, country_groups_enabled, in the settings. When enabled, this flag displays the Country of company incorporation field in the registration form for companies and in the form for creating a new company.


In the OAuth section, we have now limited 2FA to the SMS method exclusively. If only the application-based 2FA is enabled, or if no 2FA method is activated at all, a message will appear prompting users to activate the SMS 2FA method.


Administrative Panel

Previously, an Access Denied error occurred when a new admin or agent logged into the Admin Panel after being created with 2FA. This issue is resolved, and the functionality now works as intended.

Card issuing

  • Previously, there was no limit on the period for importing transactions for cards in suspended or blocked status, leading to unnecessary expenses from paying for irrelevant requests. This issue is addressed with the addition of a new configuration, allowed_import_transactions_period_after_card_suspension, in the intercash_card_issuing settings: This configuration now limits the import of transactions to once per day for the specified period when a card is in suspended or blocked status.

  • Fixed an issue where the fee for the initial issuance of a card was incorrectly debited as if it were for an additional card issuance.

Currency exchange

  • Fixed an issue where users encountered a KuCoin API request failed error with code: 400100 and the message: The price increment is invalid. during exchange operations on KuCoin. Implemented rounding of amounts to the required number of decimal places to ensure the functionality operates correctly.

  • Updated the /currency/exchange/dry-run and /currency/exchange endpoints by adding the parameter includeFeeInFromAmount: false. This change ensures that fees are not charged from the fromAmount but are instead added on top, reversing the previous behavior where fees were subtracted directly from fromAmount. Additionally, new transaction scenarios introduced for cases where the sold or bought currency amount must meet the following minimum thresholds:

    • Sold amount should be greater than or equal to {{amount}} {{currency}};

    • Bought amount should be greater than or equal to {{amount}} {{currency}};

    • Account has insufficient funds.

See Banking API for details.

Mobile Interface

Previously, the conversion button from virtual to plastic cards was displayed in the interface, even when an access role prohibited this action. This issue is resolved: The conversion button is now hidden if the feature is disabled in the access role settings.


  • Previously, during an outgoing transaction processing, the account name was incorrectly listed in the remitterName field instead of the account owner's name. This issue is corrected, and now the account owner's name is properly recorded in the remitterName field during outgoing transactions.

  • Adjusted the behavior of the Waiting for Check status in the Salv checker service. Previously, this status did not update even though transaction statuses changed. This issue is resolved to ensure the misleading status is no longer displayed in the system.

  • Implemented conversion of country codes from alpha-2 to alpha-3 encoding when sending parameters to the Salv service, ensuring correct system operation. For instance, GB is now replaced by GBR.

  • Previously, both incoming and outgoing imported transactions were inadvertently bypassed by checkers (for example, by Huntli). This issue is resolved. Now, only outgoing imported transactions are exempt from checks.

Upcoming Updates


Web and Mobile Interfaces

  • We are updating the naming of sections for Sign Up for Persons and Settings > Profile > Personal Details > Edit for Persons forms by changing the Address Line field name to Personal Address.

  • We are introducing the ability to enable or disable the direct debit functionality in the Web Interface using a feature flag in settings.

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