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[2022] Crassula Release Week 18

core v.22.05.1-22.05.3
client v.22.05.1-22.05.2

New Features

Demand vault accounts

The new demand Vaults are implemented. Now it is possible to open Vault accounts that will not be closed after the Lock up period while the interest rate remains active. See Price lists for configuration details.


Administrative panel

  • The Help button is implemented in the Persons section.

  • Now the Account number field is limited by 40 symbols when editing a transaction.

Currency exchange

The new SecondaryID parameter is implemented for exchange orders and can be added to filters via API.

Price lists

Irrelevant operation types are removed from the Issued card fees options.


Now the Recipient name field in UK Local transfers is limited by 128 symbols.

Web Interface

The following cryptocurrencies are provided with an icon:

  • PAX

  • PAXG

  • ZRX


Currency exchange

Exchange rates for the GBP-EUR currency pair could be missing for some eCommerce transactions. The issue is fixed.

Web Interface

  • The Arabic language icon could not be displayed for some users. Now the flag icon is fixed.

  • The Crypto tab is now correctly displayed for the Clients with only Dash crypto accounts.

  • An account name could intersect the description field leading to affected readability. Now long account names are shortened to avoid the issue.

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