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Crassula Release Week 18

core v.24.04.13-24.05.1
client v.24.04.8-24.05.1



  • The /api/clients/{{clientId}}/{sepa,swift,local,internal,self} endpoints now include a new document_link field. This field is integrated into transaction parameters to enhance compliance checks by Salv.

  • The following fields can now be sent to Salv for further monitoring:

    • Outgoing SWIFT and SEPA transfers: ultimateDebtorName, ip_address, and ip_country;

    • Incoming Litas Sepa (Centrolink) transfers: ultimate_debtor.

  • Outgoing Litas Sepa (Centrolink) transfers now feature a new attribute, UltmtDbtr.Nm, applicable solely to transactions involving financial accounts.

See Banking API for details.

Web Interface

The generation of QR codes for crypto account details has been transitioned to our proprietary internal API following the discontinuation of the previous external service. This upgrade enhances the stability and reliability of our QR code generation, ensuring a more secure user experience.

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