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Crassula Release Week 20

core v.24.05.5-24.05.7
client v.24.05.3-24.05.4


Administrative Panel

Removed Charged fees from all related sections of the Admin Panel.


  • Added the description field to the response of the GET /clients/{clientId}/accounts/{accountId}/direct-debit-mandates and GET /clients/{clientId}/direct-debit-mandates methods. The originatorName and reference fields are removed.

  • The POST /clients/{clientId}/direct-debit-mandates/{directDebitMandateId}/cancel method now returns an object with the fields of the canceled mandate.

  • Minor refactoring of the POST /api/clients/{clientId}/scoring/huntli endpoint. Removed "Sumsub" from the providerName field description in the API.

See Banking API for details.

Mobile Interface

  • Direct Debit mandates are now available in the Planned payments window.

  • Now exchange fees are added to the total amount of a transaction. Previously, exchange fees were deducted from the total amount.

  • The Payments and History windows are renamed to Transactions. Now the windows are provided with an improved list of filters grouped by categories: Time frame, Type, Status, and Currencies.

  • Dashboards for Companies and Persons now show a limited number of recent transactions. The "See all" button redirects users to the full list of payments.


  • It is now possible to delete a parent interledger transaction if all its child transactions are in the Waiting For Process status. The child transactions will be deleted as well.

  • Fireblocks Gas Station v2.0 is now fully supported by Crassula.

Web Interface

  • Direct Debit mandates are now available as a payment option.

  • The functionality of card issuing is now more flexible and allows you to limit the number of cards per client. When configured, users will be able to order a card in a specified currency with only one card issued per currency.

  • Implemented a new workflow for card top-up transactions: now a currency exchange operation is performed when topping up the card with a different currency. Previously, there was no exchange, and the deposited currency was automatically converted.

  • Cards can now be topped up from both virtual and real accounts. The feature is run on the interledger functionality.


Administrative Panel

In some cases, administrative actions were not recorded in the Activity log for certain clients. This issue has been resolved, and all administrative events are now being captured.

Web Interface

Fixed a visual bug where the target currency was not displayed when attempting an exchange within a single account.

Upcoming Updates


  • The logic of returning the operating hours of an FX provider will be updated. The GET /exchange/api/operation-time/{from}-{to} and GET /api/clients/{clientId}/operation-time/{from}-{to} endpoints will return the nearest time interval (startTime-endTime) when the exchange will be available for a currency pair if the exchange is not currently available. The date format will also be updated to RFC3339 = 'Y-m-d\TH:i:sP'. Time intervals will be updated for the Web and Mobile Interfaces as well.

  • The score field in POST /clients/{clientId}/scoring/{providerName} will be of the string type (decimal). Previously, only integers were accepted.

Web Interface

The functionality of Subscription plans will be deprecated in the upcoming releases.

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