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Crassula Release Week 21

core v.24.05.9-24.05.11
client v.24.05.5-24.05.6


Administrative Panel

  • Added the new Middle name field for persons in the Admin Panel. This field can be enabled and disabled in the system configs.

  • Added the ability to download reports with the current day set as the end date in the Charged Fees report.

  • Introduced the new Shipping card fee type. Currently, the fee type is available as a placeholder for a new functionality, requiring preliminary configuration by administrators. Once fully implemented in the upcoming releases, older settings will be disabled.

  • Deprecated refund reasons have been removed from the admin panel for the Litas Sepa transactions.


The GET /api/reports/persons and GET /api/reports/companies endpoints now return information about tags set for a person or company. See Banking API for details.


Email notifications on expired documents will no longer be sent to clients with the BLOCKED status.


The transfer_type field for self-transfers has been renamed to internal_personal when sending transaction details to Salv for compliance checks. The parameters used by Crassula remain unchanged; only the field name sent to Salv is updated.

Upcoming Updates



  • The new exchangeAll parameter will be added to the following API endpoints:

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/currency/exchange/dry-run

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/currency/exchange

  • The /api/clients/{{clientId}}/currency/exchange/dry-run and /issued-cards/{id}/top-up/dry-run endpoints will automatically determine if there is an account in the target currency. If not, a corresponding endpoint will be initiated to create an account. Previously, the absence of an account resulted in an error.

Web Interface

The new Exchange all button will be added under the You exchange field in the Currency exchange section. This button will automatically populate the You exchange field with the entire available balance (excluding the fee). The Exchange all button will be available for all accounts, regardless of currency, including fiat and crypto.

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