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[2022] Crassula Release Week 22

core v.22.05.19-22.06.12
client v.22.05.12-22.06.1

New Features

Country groups

The new Country groups section is implemented . With further releases, the feature can be used to assign fees and limits to the created country groups.

High-risk transactions

Now high-risk Huntli transactions can be moved to the Transactions (action required) section of the Admin Panel. Contact your manager for configuration details.

Unique account names

Now it is impossible to have two accounts with the same name within one profile. The limitation is switched on by default in system configs.


Administrative panel

  • The new Country and Verification status filters are implemented for the Persons list.

  • Now the Price list field is set automatically when creating a fee rule. Changing the value is still possible.

  • Now Price list tabs remain present when creating a new fee rule.

  • The Client fee charge section is renamed to Client fee charged.


  • New methods of transaction creation are implemented.

  • POST method description is updated for the API Documentation.


White and Black ID lists were added for ComplyAdvantage so that transactions could be processed or blocked.



  • In some cases, it was not possible to top-up Clearbank accounts due to account details absence. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Some Railsbank accounts could not be activated. The issue is fixed.


Limits for incoming and outgoing transactions could affect each other. Now the thresholds are considered separately.


  • ClearJunction internal transactions could not be processed due interledger issues. Now the transactions are processed correctly.

  • Some payments could be duplicated on Tier upgrade. The issue is fixed.

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