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Crassula Release Week 22

core v.24.05.11-24.05.16
client v.24.05.7-24.05.8


Administrative Panel

Removed the Global markup fees element from the Exchange section.


  • Added the new exchangeAll parameter to the following API endpoints:

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/currency/exchange/dry-run

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/currency/exchange

  • The /api/clients/{{clientId}}/currency/exchange/dry-run and /issued-cards/{id}/top-up/dry-run endpoints can now automatically determine if there is an account in the target currency. If not, a corresponding endpoint is initiated to create an account. Previously, the absence of an account resulted in an error.

  • Improved the logic of returning the operating hours of an FX provider. The GET /exchange/api/operation-time/{from}-{to} and GET /api/clients/{clientId}/operation-time/{from}-{to} endpoints now return the nearest time interval (startTime-endTime) when the exchange will be available for a currency pair if the exchange is not currently available. The date format is also updated to RFC3339 = 'Y-m-d\TH:i:sP'. This update is reflected in the Web and Mobile Interfaces as well.

  • Updated the API method for submitting documents for card issuance with the Intercash provider from Ws_SubmitDocument to Ws_SubmitDocumentV2.

  • Added significant figures information for each supported cryptocurrency to the endpoint GET /api/public/currencies.

  • Introduced a new method GET /api/public/currencies/{code} for easy access to the details of a specific currency.

See Banking API for details.

Company registration

Introduced a new configuration option prefer_external_kyc_name. When enabled, Crassula will not send user data to Sumsub to prevent potential conflicts where a user registered with one name in Crassula and completed verification with a different name in Sumsub.


  • Added the ability to synchronize transactions for client accounts with the Modulr provider.

  • Implemented functionality to update the provider's balance when importing transactions for the Intercash provider. This improvement allows for balance comparison between the card and the provider in the section Account>Show>Balance>Provider.



  • There were issues with transmitting the UltimateDebtor parameter via the transfer/sepa endpoint to Centrolink. This issue is now resolved, and the functionality works as intended.

See Banking API for details


Clients experienced issues when trying to top up their cards due to transactions remaining in a Pending status indefinitely. This problem is now resolved.


  • Previously, pending transactions reduced the Current balance amount instead of Available. Now the issue is fixed.

  • An issue occurred when sending the ip_country parameter to the Salv service in the ISO-2 format. Now the issue is fixed, and the format is changed to the correct one (ISO-3).

  • Previously, the maximum number of decimal places for cryptocurrency balances was 8, which was not entirely correct for some currencies. This issue has been fixed, and the maximum number of decimal places for crypto currencies has been increased to 16. This change is reflected in both the Mobile and Web Interfaces.

Web Interface

  • Previously, the Amount field in cryptocurrency transactions displayed up to 16 decimal places, which was incorrect for certain cryptocurrencies. This inaccuracy is fixed, and the value will now round down to the appropriate precision for the specific cryptocurrency. For example, BTC supports 8 decimal places, so this number of places will be displayed.

  • Previously, there was no validation for the phone number's country during company registration. This inaccuracy is fixed by adding a drop-down list with country codes for the Contact phone number field during company creation. Additionally, phone number validation is added during both the company creation and phone number editing stages.

  • Previously, with the sepa_address configuration parameter enabled, it was possible to send a SEPA transfer without filling in the address field in the Web Interface, which could lead to errors. Now, if the sepa_address and sepa_withdrawal parameters are enabled in the configuration, the address for SEPA payments is automatically populated from the client's data.

Upcoming Updates

No updates this week

This week, we do not have any new updates to announce. However, we encourage you to explore our Improvements and Fixes sections for details on the exciting enhancements included in this release!

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