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Crassula Release Week 23

core v.24.06.1-24.06.2
client v.24.06.1-24.06.2

New Features

Clear Junction Dynamic Payments

We are excited to announce the implementation of dynamic payments for clients with the Clear Junction provider. This enhancement includes support for SEPA, Faster Payments, CHAPS, and SWIFT, greatly improving our payment functionality. Detailed instructions on how to utilize this new feature will be provided in the upcoming documentation updates.



Added a new optional parameter, beneficiaryType, to the following API endpoints to support dynamic payments for clients with the Clear Junction provider:

  • GET /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/methods

  • GET /api/clients/{clientId}/transfer/parameters

See Banking API for more information.

Currency exchange

Implemented functionality to automatically determine if an account in the target currency exists. If not, it will initiate the creation of the account, preventing issues that previously occurred due to the absence of an account.

Transaction monitoring

The middleName parameter is now transferred to the Huntli service, contributing to the formation of the legal name for persons. Additionally, the middleName parameter is now passed to secondary identification providers.


Crassula now supports Sumsub WebSDK 2.0, enhancing our verification capabilities.

Web Interface

The Web Interface now supports Lithuanian and Slovak languages, providing users with more language options.



An error occurred when generating an IBAN for accounts without a primary IBAN. This issue has now been resolved.


In the POST /clients/{clientId}/scoring/{providerName} method, the score parameter type has been changed to string (decimal) to avoid issues with incorrect handling of this parameter.

See Banking API for more information.

Company registration

Previously, it was impossible to create a company-type account from a company profile. This issue has now been fixed.


Fixed an issue where minimal values displayed after rounding in Reports added a phantom unit for fiat currencies (e.g., 0.01). This issue did not occur in account details but was previously present in Reports.


  • Previously, users experienced an issue where currency exchange transactions using the POST /api/currency-conversion method remained in a Pending status indefinitely. This issue is now fixed.

  • Users previously encountered an issue where debit transactions for card top-ups incorrectly went into pre-approval status. We have corrected the scenario to ensure internal transactions follow the configured pre-approval settings for card providers. Transactions of type Card top-up in the Waiting for approval state are now correctly displayed in the Transaction (pre-approval) section.

  • Users faced difficulties when performing transactions from an account with provider_none to a payswix_none account. This issue is fixed, and determining the account by IBAN in internal transfers now works as intended when the feature edit_provider_number is enabled.

  • The transfer form previously did not include the full address of the sender during transactions for Clearbank. This issue has been fixed, and the full address (including City and State) is now included for the debtor.

Upcoming Updates


Administrative Panel

Based on our extensive UX analysis, we will be renaming and reordering several sections in the Administrative Panel. The changes are as follows:

Renaming and removing sections:

  • Application → Client compliance

  • In Banking:

    • Batch payments → Removed

  • In Exchange:

    • FX provider operation timeFX provider operational time

    • Markup fees → Removed

    • Order limits → Removed

  • In Administration:

    • Transfer provider operation timeTransfer provider operational time

Reordering sections:

  • In Banking:

    • Crypto withdrawal limits → under Triggered limits

    • Saved top-up cards → under Crypto withdrawal limits

    • Identification requests → under Client compliance / Onboarding

    • Expiring documents → under Client compliance / Identification requests

    • PEP & sanctions → under Client compliance / Expiring documents

    • Application forms → under Client compliance / PEP & sanctions

    • Client application forms → under Client compliance / Application forms

  • Client compliance → under Banking (positioned between Banking and Card issuing main sections)

  • In Administration:

    • Country Groups → under Dictionary

    • Emergency Shutdown → under Holidays

  • In Reports:

    • eCommerce (from Reports) → under Banking

Card issuing

  • We will be introducing the ability to issue corporate cards to different cardholders for clients with the Intercash provider. Company employees will be able to order cards with their own details, ensuring that the card is issued in the employee's name instead of the company owner's name.

  • We will be removing the card preorder functionality as it is not being utilized by our partners.

Web Interface

Under the Payments & transfers section, we are renaming the Dynamic International tab and its corresponding view to Bank transfer.



Recently, users encountered an issue when creating transactions with a number of decimal places exceeding the allowed limit for specific currencies. To resolve this issue, we will add validation to the amount field in the /api/fee-transaction endpoint. The number of decimal places will be limited as follows:

  • For fiat currencies: 2 decimal places;

  • For cryptocurrencies: 16 decimal places.

See Banking API for upcoming updates!

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