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Crassula Release Week 24

core v.24.06.3-24.06.4
client v.24.06.3-24.06.4



  • Added new fields to the PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/companies/{companyId} method:

    • state

    • name

    • owner

    • countryCode

These fields can only be modified with a master key.

  • Added a new optional parameter currency to the /api/clients/{clientId}/issued-cards endpoint. If this parameter is specified and the card provider settings enable auto_generate for the account, the account will be automatically created in the specified currency. If the currency is not specified, the default currency from the issued_card_default_currency configuration will be used.

See Banking API for details.

Card issuing

Introduced the ability to issue corporate cards to different cardholders for clients with the Intercash provider. Company employees can now order cards with their own details. Additionally, an email field has been added under Card Issuing -> Issued cards -> Person in the Administrative Panel. If no delivery address is specified for a company-ordered card, it will be delivered to the company’s legal or billing address. For individual orders, the person’s legal address will be used. The banking interface will display the delivery address or allow the client to choose a different address if the custom_shipping_address parameter is enabled.


Added a new optional middle name field to the person registration workflow.


Improved logic for the FinanceCompanyClientAccountNumber parameter, which can now be used as a personId. For transactions on a company's financial account, the IBAN will be used instead of the client identifier.

Web and Mobile Interfaces

Under the Payments & Transfers section, we have renamed the Dynamic International tab and its corresponding view to Bank Transfer. This improvement is reflected in both the Web and Mobile Interfaces, with multiple UI elements redesigned in the Mobile version to streamline the process of creating transfers.



Previously, if the middle_name parameter was not set during account activation for a new person, accounts with the Railsr provider would fail to activate. This issue has been fixed: The middle_name parameter is now ignored if not set.


A 500 error occurred when sending a POST /api/clients/{clientId}/scoring/{providerName} request for an unverified user. This issue has been fixed.

See Banking API for details.


Previously, when the fee for an incoming payment exceeded the payment amount, users’ balances could become negative. This issue has been resolved: If the fee exceeds the payment amount, the fee will now transition to a Pending status and the state will be Waiting for funds instead of completing with a negative balance.


Users who had not completed verification mistakenly received emails stating 'Your account has been verified' and 'Your company has been verified'. This issue has been resolved, and the email notifications functionality now works as intended.


To avoid issues during transaction checks, the transaction description field is now passed as the reference field to the Salv checker service.


Improved the logic for handling client addresses from Sumsub for non-European users to resolve previous difficulties during verification.

Upcoming Updates

No updates this week

This week, we do not have any new updates to announce. However, we encourage you to explore our Improvements and Fixes sections for details on the exciting enhancements included in this release!

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