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Crassula Release Week 26

core v.24.06.8-24.06.9
client v.24.06.7-24.06.8



Added a new functionality that sets the number of attempts for validation checks, after which the account will transition to a rejected status. A new configuration parameter, account_activation_without_documents_attempts, has also been added.

Administrative Panel

  • Based on our extensive UX analysis, we have renamed and reordered several sections in the Administrative Panel. The changes are as follows::
    Renaming and removing sections:

    • Application → Client compliance

    • In Banking:

      • Batch payments → Removed

    • In Exchange:

      • FX provider operation timeFX provider operational time

      • Markup fees → Removed

      • Order limits → Removed

    • In Administration:

      • Transfer provider operation timeTransfer provider operational time
        Reordering sections:

    • In Banking:

      • Crypto withdrawal limits → under Triggered limits

      • Saved top-up cards → under Crypto withdrawal limits

      • Identification requests → under Client compliance / Onboarding

      • Expiring documents → under Client compliance / Identification requests

      • PEP & sanctions → under Client compliance / Expiring documents

      • Application forms → under Client compliance / PEP & sanctions

      • Client application forms → under Client compliance / Application forms

    • Client compliance → under Banking (positioned between Banking and Card issuing main sections)

    • In Administration:

      • Country Groups → under Dictionary

      • Emergency Shutdown → under Holidays

    • In Reports:

      • eCommerce (from Reports) → under Banking

  • Added the Update provider balances button in the Banking > Accounts > Show > Balances section for providers that support external balance updates.

  • Enhanced the information displayed under the Persons and Accounts sections for better detail and consistency. Additional improvements include:

    • The URL in the Person Details for the primary account was changed to redirect directly to the Accounts section instead of Person → Accounts.

    • In Person Details and Company Details, account names and providers were added to the account titles.

    • Removed vaults and the main account from the Accounts list for consistency.

    • Renamed the Accounts list to Other Accounts.

Web Interface

The following languages were added to the Web Interface:

  • Danish

  • Lithuanian

  • Slovak


Currency exchange

Fixed an issue where the functionality did not work correctly when requesting the indicative exchange rate for the LTC-USD currency pair on Kucoin.


  • Fixed an issue where the Sender IBAN duplicated the Receiver IBAN in the Salv checker service.

  • Previously, the IBAN from the transaction was sent as the Person ID to the Salv checker service instead of the primary IBAN. This issue is corrected.

Upcoming Updates

No updates this week

This week, we do not have any new updates to announce. However, we encourage you to explore our Improvements and Fixes sections for details on the exciting enhancements included in this release!

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