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Crassula Release Week 27

core v.24.06.10-24.07.3
client v.24.06.7-24.07.2

New Features

ClearJunction as an exchange provider

Integrated ClearJunction as a new exchange provider to enhance currency exchange capabilities. Contact your manager for configuration details.


Administrative Panel

  • Added the 'Network fee' type in the Reports > Banking > Fees section. Currently, this functionality is available only via API.

  • ‘Fee type’ and ‘Fee Subtype' are now displayed in the Transaction view page of the Admin Panel.


  • Introduced a new NetworkFee class of ClientFeeType with a single subtype, GENERAL_FEE. This allows the registration of floating fees for payments via blockchain.

  • Expanded the /api/fee-transaction endpoint with two new parameters: feeType and feeSubType, to specify the type of fee recorded in ChargedFee.

  • Enabled creation of custom checkboxes via the Admin Panel for Custom Legal Agreements, to be used during client registration:

    • Added a new endpoint: GET /api/clients/{clientId}/custom-legal-documents.

    • The existing POST /api/public/register, POST /api/public/register/full, and POST /api/clients/{clientId}/companies endpoints now include an optional parameter, customAgreements.

  • Added an API method POST /api/clients/{clientId}/issued-cards/{issuedCardId}/send-pan-cvv to obtain CVV codes from Decta.

  • Modified the response body of GET /api/clients/{clientId}/identification-providers/{provider}/specific to include levels and addonLevels parameters, removing mainLevels and additionalLevels.

  • Added a new providerShippingMethod field to the IssuedCard entity. Updated card ordering depending on the following:

    • When the shipping.feeId field is used, the fee will be set according to the price list.

    • When the shipping.method field is used, the fee is taken from the config as before.

  • Deprecated the GET /api/shipping-methods endpoint and all related functionalities, with plans for removal in a future release.

See Banking API for details.

Mobile Interface

Corrected the plural forms of nouns indicating time periods in the Tier limits.


  • The skip_transfer_pre_approval parameter is now ignored if the transaction type is CARD_TOPUP.

  • Currency exchange transactions can now be sent to Transaction (pre-approval).

Web Interface

  • Improved the phone number formatting in contact information by adding spaces between digits for better readability.

  • Removed the Subscription Plan section.

  • Added the ability to select currencies on the front end when issuing a card with auto-generated accounts. The functionality is enabled in the system configs.


Mobile and Web Interfaces

Improved the error message when attempting to issue a card with the limit exceeded. Now the message is more informative.

Upcoming Updates

No updates this week

This week, we do not have any new updates to announce. However, we encourage you to explore our Improvements and Fixes sections for details on the exciting enhancements included in this release!

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