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[2022] Crassula Release Week 3

core v.22.01.4-22.01.5

New Features

API generated fees

Now it is possible to create a fee transaction and update its status via API requests.

Cashback for card top-up

The new Card option is implemented for Cashback configuration. Now it is possible to define cashback rules for card top-up transactions. See Price lists for additional details.

Price lists documentation

The new Help button is available in the Price lists section. Now it is possible to access the related page of the Knowledge base from the Administrative Panel.


Administrative panel

  • Now it is possible to create a Document for a personal profile only with a file attached. Otherwise, the field will not be created.

  • Now a valid document of identification is required to generate an IBAN for a Client. If the identification document is invalid, the Administrative Panel will provide an error message when trying to generate a new IBAN for the Client.

  • A new service message is implemented to inform the user of the Name and Surname mandatory fields when editing a Person profile.

  • A new validation is implemented to check the user’s presence when editing Legal Documents files. The improvement will help the end-user to avoid session expiry during the document editing process


Banking Web Interface

BIC and Sort codes could not be displayed for some accounts in the Accounts tab. Now the issue is fixed.


Some ClearBank international transfers could not be processed if a correspondent bank is not defined. Now the issue is fixed.

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