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Crassula Release Week 3

core v.24.01.3-24.01.4
client v.24.01.2-24.01.2


Administrative Panel

  • Added a Help button to the Country Groups and Emergency Shutdown sections.

  • Added an Alert Status filter to the Transactions section for financial monitoring via the Salv service.

Web banking Interface

  • Added the ability to customize the confirmation message text in the pop-up window after a payment is made. This customization is available in multiple languages. The message is consistent across all transaction types associated with a single account provider. For configuration details, please contact your manager.

  • Added a Main representative option to the Beneficial owner type field on the initial onboarding screen to minimize confusion. This option is enabled when the only_ubo_director_as_applicant parameter is set to true in the configuration settings.

Upcoming Updates



  • We are making several changes to the /api/clients/{clientId}/statement-requests/{_format} API endpoint. The key enhancements include:

    • Adding the new direction filter.

    • Updating filtering criteria: The API will now filter data based on the updated field, replacing the previous created field.

    • Consistency in filter usage: In alignment with our previous approach, the status and type filters remain unused for data exports.

    • Renaming the currencies filter to currency.

  • Introducing an update to the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/statement endpoint: Users will be able to export files in CSV format directly from the endpoint.

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