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[2022] Crassula Release Week 32

core v.22.08.5-22.08.9
client v.22.08.2-22.08.4

New Features

ClearJunction pooling account

Now ClearJunction pooling account details are available in the topup section. Business clients can send funds to the Clear Junction account with reference to their account number and top up accounts without IBANs. The functionality is disabled by default, contact your manager for configuration details.

Client types for price lists

Now price lists can be assigned only to Companies and Persons of the corresponding types. Standard price lists remain unchanged.

Remember me checkbox removed

The Remember me functionality is removed from all Web Interfaces to improve end user security.


Administrative panel

  • The Help button is implemented in the Access roles section of eCommerce.

  • Now the Payment method parameter is available for ClearBank payment details.


The following languages are now available in the Web Interface settings:

  • Arabic

  • Bulgarian

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Portuguese

  • Romanian

  • Spanish

Web Interface

  • The Private and Business profile types in the Sign up page are renamed to Individual and Corporate, accordingly.

  • The minimum number of digits in the Account field is decreased to 7 for SWIFT payments.


Administrative panel

An Error 500 occurred when exporting profiles. The issue is fixed.


  • Ioris exchange transactions could remain Drafted without going to the Pending status. The issue is fixed.

  • Pending fireblocks payments caused by lack of funds could remain Pending. Now the issue is fixed and such transaction are succesfully declined.

  • If the Self access action was not set for the Access role, local payments could be declined when created in the Web Interface. The issue is fixed.

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