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[2022] Crassula Release Week 33

core v.22.08.10-22.08.17
client v.22.08.5-22.08.7

New Features

Crypto withdrawal confirmation

The new checkbox is implemented for crypto withdrawals. Now the payment cannot be sent unless the client confirms to be the beneficiary. The functionality is disabled by default, contact your manager for configuration details.


Administrative Panel

The Provider number column in Transactions is extended to display long ADA cryptocurrency addresses.


The exported list of Persons is now provided with the new Referral Code column.


  • Interledger transactions are now created for Railsbank currency exchange.

  • Now transactions with incorrect Fireblocks responses remain Pending until the correct data is received.

  • FX trade requests initiated by service providers are now available in exchange order logs.

Web Interface

  • Verification SMS codes are no longer duplicated for clients.

  • Now it is possible to prohibit depositing for accounts with no IBAN generated. The functionality can be enabled in the system configs.

  • The Pay button in Drafts is no longer available for clients without a draft confirmation access role.

  • Now the Payment account field in the Card issuing widget is obligatory only for fee-based issuing.



Errors received from Clearbank when sending Name and Surname updates are now correctly processed.


Limit and threshold fields could not be left blank when editing a Person profile. The issue is fixed.


  • Some contents of Persons lists could not be exported. The issue is fixed.

  • Some contents of Company staff lists could not be exported. The issue is fixed.


Crypto withdrawal could not be performed for vault accounts in the Web Interface. The issue is fixed.

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