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[2022] Crassula Release Week 34

core v.22.08.18-22.08.23
client v.22.08.8-22.08.10

New Features

Card issuing fees

Now card issuing fees can be charged in any currency available for a particular account. Thus, payment currency selection will not be affected by the Primary account currency.


Administrative Panel

The Help button is implemented in the Project section of eCommerce.


  • Now the Lock-up period filed in Vault details and Vault rates is validated not to contain negative values.

  • Now the Currency field is validated when depositing funds via the Admin Panel. Thus, it is possible to top up a Vault account only with the currency the account is opened in.

Web Interface

  • The Top up button is renamed to Deposit for on-demand Vault accounts.

  • The WLUNA and USDT cryptocurrencies are provided with icons.

  • The Greek language is now available for selection in the Web Interface settings.



In some cases, disabled IBANs of financial accounts could be used for payment creation via API. Now the issue is fixed.

Administrative Panel

The Help button in Batch payments was displayed in between other top sidebar tabs. The issue is fixed.

Web Interface

Exchange orders could be created with one currency set as both source and target. The issue is fixed.

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