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[2022] Crassula Release Week 35

core v.22.08.24-22.09.2
client v.22.08.11-22.09.1


Administrative Panel

  • Now long emails are shortened not to extend the Email column in the Persons and Companies lists.

  • Now Agent roles can be changed to any other role if necessary.

  • Secondary identification requests do not contain the unnecessary fields and buttons. Primary identification requests remain unchanged.


  • The card top-up method is provided with description in the API documentation.

  • API requests can now be filtered with more detailed timing, up to seconds.

Price lists

Now fee rules of Any payment method are ignored if a fee rule of a specified method can be applied.


Now transactions remain Pending in case the balance is insufficient in a Fireblocks hot wallet. Therefore, the transaction is not declined right in the moment.

Web Interface

  • Now only currencies actually existing in the accounts can be selected for currency exchange.

  • Bot attacks are now prevented by validating the User agent header and forcing checks on registrations performed outside the Web Interface or with an unknown device type.

  • 2FA codes are not duplicated any more.



Now BIC is not displayed in account statements if the account does not have one.

Administrative Panel

  • The Agent Company field is no longer obligatory for Person and Company profiles.

  • An error appeared when accessing a profile via the External User ID. The issue is fixed.


API transaction requests are no longer generated if there is no IBAN provided.


Now BankingCircle exchange rate errors are processed and displayed by Crassula.

Web Interface

  • In some cases, the Continue button was not functioning when upgrading tier levels. The issue is fixed.

  • Tier upgrade could not be processed for non-EU users without the non-EU config. The issue is fixed.


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