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[2022] Crassula Release Week 39

core v.22.09.17-22.09.23
client v.22.09.12-22.09.15

New Features

Account fee activation

Now it is possible to define the fee activation date for client accounts.

Railsbank SWIFT transactions

Now Railsbank SWIFT payments can processed via interledger accounts used by White Labels.


The new Subscriptions functionality is implemented for Price lists. Now it is possible to customize internal Price list rules and assign them to a narrow group of clients.



Now ClearBank accounts are provided with the Logs section in the Admin Panel.

Administrative Panel

The Fixed fee and Payment method parameters are renamed to Fixed Fee in <currency> and Payment method for Fixed Fee accordingly to make them more obvious when creating a markup fee for Exchange.


The Faster_Payments payment type is implemented for ClearJunction so that GBP requisites could be defined into Local and/or International after top-up.

Web Interface

  • Translation of the Recipient address field is corrected and improved for 11 languages.

  • The following currencies are provided with a new icon:

    • FEI

    • GUSD

    • TUSD

    • USDD

    • DOGE

    • BEC

    • BEL

    • CLF

    • CNH

    • ZAL

    • ESA

    • ESB

    • UYI

    • USN

    • USS



  • Primary crypto accounts could be opened as of the Standard type. The issue is fixed.

  • Inactive and deactivated accounts cannot be used in exchange operations any more.

  • Several IBANs could not be generated via API. The issue is fixed.

Administrative Panel

  • Some Roles in the list of premitted actions were not visible when editing an admin access role. The issue is fixed.

  • Some fields with long values could break the interface block borders. The issue is fixed.

  • The text fields of Legal document announcements are fixed and are not filled with the original document any more.

Web Interface

  • Tier upgrade in crypto was not available for some clients. The issue is fixed.

  • The page number remained unchanged when switching transaction types in the payment history. The issue is fixed and the page number starts from 1 as it should be.

  • Dropdown menus could be visually affected in small display devices. The issue is fixed.

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