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[2022] Crassula Release Week 41

core v.22.09.23-22.10.2
client v.22.10.4

New Features

API key removal

Now it is possible to delete API keys via the Admin Panel.

Minimum exchange amounts

The minimum amount settings for currency exchange are now available for editing in the Order Limits section.


Administrative panel

  • Now it is impossible to access the disabled Batch payments section via a web link.

  • Now ClearBank accounts are provided with log details.

  • Now the Admin Panel provides Web Interface logging for the following data:

    • Profile data (Name, surname, address etc)

    • Telephone number

    • Email

    • 2fa.


Now the Amount field is validated to not contain symbols.

Web Interface

Now the user is logged off and all active windows are closed if the session time expires.


Administrative Panel

Reports are displayed correctly for users with the Admin access role.


Minimal amount validation has been fixed for the order limits.

Web Interface

  • An error 500 appeared when creating crypto payments from Drafts. The issue is fixed.

  • The transaction fee description for cards pre-ordering is fixed. The last 4 card digits are now displayed in the fee transaction once the card number is assigned. No digits are displayed until the card is issued in the fee details.

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