core v.22.10.14-22.10.18
client v.22.10.8-22.10.11

New Features

The new filter for Exchange orders

The new Order ID filter is implemented for the Exchange orders section of the Admin Panel.


Administrative Panel

  • The Automatic fee activation field is removed from the Vaults details window.

  • The Automatic fee activation field is no longer editable in the Account details window.

  • Now Railsbank accounts are provided with log details.

  • Now Fireblocks accounts are provided with log details.

  • The Activity log section is improved as follows:

    • String enumeration values are now displayed together with digits.

    • The section now also includes an administrator filtering option.

    • The Changes column is now filled with transaction approval details.


Unnecessary API requests are removed for Accounts in the Web Interface.


  • The State field is now autofilled when creating transactions if the autofill feature is enabled for SEPA payments.

  • Transaction logging is improved to show which Administrator declined a transaction.

Web Interface

Now IBAN and Email are added to the text tip when creating a new transfer.


Administrative Panel

  • Card fee descriptions were invalid for some clients. The issue is fixed.

  • 2FA codes used previously are now validated and rejected in case of the second use.

  • Some Agents could not create a Person profile. The issue is fixed.

  • Empty fields are not validated and highlighted when creating exchange limits.


  • Pending incoming transfers created manually via the Admin Panel are fixed for cases when ComplyAdvantage transactions monitoring is used.

  • SumSub fees could be duplicated when upgrading Tier levels. The issue is fixed.

Web Interface

  • In some cases, the Amount field validation could not be processed when creating payments. The issue is fixed.

  • Subscription and Tier upgrade windows included wrong wording in the confirmation button. The issue is fixed.

  • ClearJunction GBP account details did not contain the Account number field. The issue is fixed.