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[2022] Crassula Release Week 44

core v.22.10.19-22.11.5
client v.22.10.12-22.11.4

New Features

API for passwords

A new API call is implemented for password updates.

Account details window

The new Account details button is implemented for fiat accounts. Now it is possible to access the account details in one click.


Administrative Panel

  • Now the Actifity logs section provides details on all changes performed within the Out of hours FX Markup functionality.

  • The new validation error message is implemented to inform the user of too long passwords.

  • Now the Date of birth field is validated.

  • The new State field is implemented for address lines. The field is optional and can be filled in for countries with the corresponding administrative division.

  • Several uninhabited countries are removed from Country groups.

  • The Changes field is extended for the Client activity log section.

  • The Download button is removed from the Emergency shutdown section.


Now incoming payments sent to a disabled Litas_Sepa financial account are declined.

Web Interface

  • Now the cardholder name is validated to have capital letters when issuing a new card.

  • The MasterCard and Visa icons are added the Issued cards sections.

  • Long account names are shortened in the Accounts drop-down menu.


Administrative Panel

  • Filtering in the Reports section could be performed incorrectly. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Documents uploaded manually had wrong statuses. The issue is fixed.


  • FX murkups could not be calculated correctly when creating exchange payments. The issue is fixed.

  • Destination balance is no longer validated for Kraken exchange transactions.


Vault interest rates could not be calculated correctly for cryptocurrencies. The issue is fixed.

Web Interface

  • Bank code was duplicated for Railsbank account details. The issue is fixed.

  • The Add funds button was missing for some clients. The issue is fixed.

  • An error message is now displayed when transferring funds to a Vault account.

  • The error message is changed from Phone or account number not exists to The user with indicated parameter does not exist when entering incorrect recipient details.

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