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[2022] Crassula Release Week 45

core v.22.11.6-22.11.12
client v.22.11.5-22.11.6

New Features

Reports for Interledger accounts

The new fields are implemented for Banking accounting reports to display interledger transactions.


Administrative panel

  • Now Fireblocks accounts are provided with log details.

  • Now it is possible to access API activity logs in the Admin Panel. Confidential details remain hidden.

  • Now Intercash cards are provided with API logs in the Issued card details window.

  • Now Iorys accounts are provided with log details.

  • The new Change Person Subscription Plan Fees and Change Company Subscription Plan Fees access roles are implemented to define whether an Administrator is allowed to change subscription plan settings.

  • Now an error message is shown to define which values are wrong when editing the Location fields of a Person profile.

  • The Company name field length is extended up to 150 symbols.

  • Now the Amount fields are validated when creating a fee.

Service providers

Now ClearJunction is split to divide real and virtual accounts.


Now it is possible to perform manual checks on transactions after Huntli approval is done. If the functionality is enabled in the system configs, transactions remain in the Waiting for action state until manual approval. Contact your manager for configuration details.

Web Interface

  • The new top up window is implemented for crypto deposit transactions.

  • Now the Date of Birth field is validated when ordering virtual or plastic cards.


Administrative Panel

  • Some Administrators could download documents when the corresponding access role was disabled. The issue is fixed.

  • Vault details could be displayed in the Default tab. Now the issue is fixed and Vault details are available in the Details tab.

  • The Vault rates, Cashback, and Subscription plan fees could not be copied when cloning a price list. The issue is fixed.

Web Interface

Tier upgrade prices were doubled for some clients. The issue is fixed.

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