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[2022] Crassula Release Week 46

core v.22.11.13-22.11.15
client v.22.11.7-22.11.9

New Features

Synchronization of external GBP accounts

Clearbank transactions can now be synchronized for GBP accounts. The functionality is available in the Accounts section of the Admin Panel.


Administrative panel

The ID column is removed from the list of Administrators. The parameter is still available to filter out the list.

Card issuing

  • The Address field length is extended to contain up to 255 symbols.

  • The Birth date field is now validated when issuing virtual and plastic cards.


  • The IBAN field is now validated for SEPA transfers.

  • ClearJunction fee transactions do not require additional interledger transactions anymore.

  • Now incoming webhook transactions can complete incoming ClearJunction transactions. The dependency on the interledger transaction type is not valid anymore.

Web Interface

  • Now accounts are provided with currency icons.

  • Now the current subscription plan is provided with an icon.

  • Currency filtration has been added to the list of European transfer templates. Now only EUR accounts are available in the drop-down menu.


Card issuing

Now the card expiration date is validated correctly when converting from virtual to plastic.


Now Fireblocks transactions marked as Dropped by blockchain remain Pending and are not re-created.

Web Interface

  • In some cases, wrong transaction types could be displayed in transaction details. Now the issue is fixed.

  • The Add funds button disappeared when the account name was too long. The issue is fixed.

  • The error message of incorrect password format affected the password confirmation field. Now the issue is fixed.

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