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[2022] Crassula Release Week 47

core v.22.11.16-22.11.18
client v.22.11.10-22.11.12

New Features

Recurring fees for subscriptions

Regular monthly and annual fees are not supported by subscriptions.

Switch mode for notifications

Now it is possible to enable and disable informative and service emails sent by the system. The functionality is available in the system configs. Contact your manager for configuration details.


Administrative Panel

  • Now it is possible to set days of the week in the Transfers Provider Operation Time section.

  • The Minimum fee and Maximum fee fields for card issuing are validated. Now, in case the fields are empty, the value is taken from a fixed fee.

  • The Provider number field is now validated when opening and editing accounts.

  • The Client field is implemented for reports exported from the Identification requests section.

  • The Charged fees section is moved from Banking to Reports.

  • The Owner parameter is now validated when creating a Company profile. An error message is shown if the parameter is not set.

  • Now BitGo accounts are provided with log details.

Currency exchange

  • The following Kraken pairs are now available:

    • USDT/APE


    • USDT/XTZ

    • USDT/SOL

  • The LUNA2 crypto currency is now available for the Fireblocks service provider.

Exported documents

The Company name field is added to the footer of admin and client account statements.


  • Now Railsbank local payments are considered internal when the recipient and sender are in Crassula.

  • Now it is possible to filter out target countries for payments. The functionality is enabled in the system configs.

Web Interface

  • Password length validation is implemented for the Web Interface.

  • The State field is now available in all address forms.


Administrative Panel

  • Now a document within a Person profile cannot be created without an actual document being attached.

  • Price lists remained assigned to Persons even after the Person type parameter was changed for profiles. Now the Price list is automatically unassigned when Person type is changed.

Web Interface

  • Dashboard position is now stable when opening pop-up windows.

  • Pop-up windows could not be displayed after opening subscription plan details. The issue is fixed.

  • Limit descriptions were incorrect for the Card settings window. The issue is fixed.

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