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[2022] Crassula Release Week 48

core v.22.11.19-22.12.1
client v.22.11.13-22.12.1

New Features


New API methods are implemented to manage FX markup fees.


Administrative Panel

  • Phrasing is improved for the Out of hours FX Markup functionality. Now all parameters have straightforward meanings and do not confuse the end-user.

  • Now BitGo declined transactions are provided with log details.

  • The Deposit button is disabled for accounts in the New, Suspended, Rejected, and Declined states.

Web Interface

  • The design of the Close and Copy buttons is improved to correlate with the main concept.

  • Background blurring is restored when opening modal pop-up windows.

  • Now the color of a currency icon in the top-up window matches WL corporate graphic palette.

  • The new See all button is implemented for the list of profile companies.


Administrative Panel

  • An error occurred when an Administrator tried to create a Price list. Now the issue is fixed and price lists are created as expected.

  • Some Administrators could not add new emails to client profiles. Now the issue is fixed and the Add new button is functioning.


The GET/api/price-list/list request is fixed to contain the Client ID field.


Emails on the 2FA status could not be sent when generated in the Russian language. Now the issue is fixed.

Currency exchange

Now Ask quotes are used for rate calculation when purchasing currency within the Banking Circle FX integration.


  • Some merchants could not access the Merchant Dashboard. The issue is fixed.

  • The disabled all_countries_supported and all_currencies_supported parameters could not be overridden when changing a payment provider. In such cases, the provider was not available in the payment widget. Now the issue is fixed.


  • Some transactions remained in the Ready for Processing status and could not reach ClearBank. The issue is fixed.

  • ClearJunction transactions were not declined via webhooks. Now the issue is fixed.

Web Interface

  • It was not possible to select an account for some clients when working with SEPA templates. The issue is fixed.

  • Some fees for crypto payments did not have the corresponding descriptions. Now the issue is fixed.

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