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[2022] Crassula Release Week 49

core v.22.12.2-22.12.5
client v.22.12.2-22.12.6

New Features

Cashback for Top-ups

Now it is possible to enable cashback for top-up transactions. Select the Top Up Card operation type when configuring the reward rule. See Price lists for additional details on the functionality.

New API Method

The new GET/api/currencies method is implemented to provide a list of all available fiat and crypto currencies. See Banking API for additional details.

Push Notifications for Companies

Now a company owner can be notified of incoming transfers with push notifications. The functionality is enabled in the system configs. Contact your manager for configuration details.


Administrative Panel

  • Vault creation and depositing are no longer available for the Admin Panel.

  • The ClearJunction provider is removed from the Price lists; only ClearJunction_Real and ClearJunction_Virtual can now be used.


Template name is now validated when creating a payment via API.

Client Documents

Additional document validation can now be initiated via the system configs. Use the rbk-payments:data:check-client-expired-documents command to manually validate the expiration dates of all client documents. Contact your manager for configuration details.


  • Cryptocurrencies are excluded from the cash flow calculation when sending data to Huntli.

  • Now a fee is completed only when the initial transfer is confirmed by an Administrator.

Web Interface

  • The LUNA2 cryptocurrency is now provided with an icon.

  • The interval between lines is extended for the Navigation bar.

  • The error message is refactored to provide more details on account opening limitations when the multiple_accounts_per_currency configuration is disabled.


Administrative Panel

Fixed an issue with creating deposits when the price list included vault rates.


Previously, reCaptcha failed to work due to problems on Google side. Error code is changed to more accurate to fix the issue.


Clients with non-English localization can now receive emails and notifications from Crassula


  • Webhooks for GBP and multi-currency transactions are now processed with no error messages.

  • Synchronization with ClearBank is now performed more accurately; transaction duplicating is fixed.

  • Fireblocks transactions used to be stuck in the pending status. The issue is fixed.

  • Now fees are correctly applied to the system deposit transactions.

  • The recurring fee currency did not match the account currency when charged from mono-currency accounts. The issue is fixed.

Web Interface

The visual appearance of icons and validation messages is improved for card delivery and data masks.

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