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[2022] Crassula Release Week 50

core v.22.12.6-22.12.10
client v.22.12.7-22.12.10

New Features

New logic for card issuing fees

Card issuing fees are refactored to deliver more predictable and customizable functionality:

  • The Issuing fee is now charged only when the very first card is issued.

  • The Additional issuing fee is applied for all cards issued after the first one.

See Price lists for additional details on the functionality.


Administrative Panel

  • The new Client name column is implemented for the Charged fees exported reports.

  • The MIn and Max field values are set automatically when creating a fee with a fixed value.

  • The Percent and Fixed fee field values are now validated when creating a new fee. Now it is not possible to save fee details if both parameters are set.

  • An error message is implemented to avoid double payments: the error is now displayed when attempting to confirm a transaction for the second time.


Now only currencies supported by the service provider can be deposited to a multi-currency account.

Web Interface

  • An icon is implemented for the USDT.T (USDT-TRON) cryptocurrency in the Accounts section.

  • Czech IBANs are now validated. Euro payments are now available for accounts with Czech IBANs.


Administrative Panel

Change verification level fees could not be set to 0. Now the issue is fixed.

Card issuing

Now the card expiration date is validated correctly when converting from virtual to plastic.


User status could not be updated in Crassula when changing from Suspended to Active externally in SumSub. Now the issue is fixed.


Fireblocks mechanism is updated so that incoming transactions do not cause duplicates anymore.

Web Interface

  • Account BIC codes were not visible to some clients when accessing account details via a mobile browser. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Animated content is disabled for obsolete and unsupported browsers to avoid possible errors.

  • Custom favicons were replaced with default Crassula icons for some clients. Now the issue is fixed.

  • The Account details button was not visible when the list of accounts was expanded. Now the issue is fixed.

  • Validation text lines could overlap in the Password recovery window. Now the issue is fixed.

  • If the multiple_accounts_per_currency configuration was disabled in the system configs, it was not possible to open a EUR account when a EUR card already existed. Now users with EUR cards can open a EUR account as well.

  • The Confirm button was not available when making crypto payments. Now the issue is fixed.

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