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Crassula Release Week 8

core v.24.02.7-24.02.11
client v.24.02.4-24.02.7

New Features

Session analytics

The new Matomo integration allows White Labels to monitor online activities and visualize statistics for page visits. Now client sessions are logged and provided with details on the time spent on Web Interface pages.

The new agent fee report

The Agent Charged Fees report is now available in the Administrative Panel. Now White Labels can calculate and predict profit according to the existing agreements with their agents.


Administrative Panel

SALV webhooks are now supported and can be shown in Transaction logs. The transaction monitoring and screening processes are now accompanied by detailed transaction logs.


  • Now the GET /api​/clients​/{clientId}​/fees method also provides fee types and subscription plan numbers along with the list of fees.

  • The POST and PUT /api/tags/object/{type}/{id}/{tag} endpoints are provided with the 422 error code. Now the error message is shown when more than 15 tags are added at once.

  • The ISO20022 CAMT.053 XML format is now available when exporting account statements using the POST /api/clients/{clientId}/statement-requests/{_format} and GET /api/clients/{clientId}/statement-requests/{id} methods. The former method is also provided with the "credit": "bool" and "debit": "bool" parameters .

  • The GET /api/clients/{clientId}/statement is deprecated. The POST /api/clients/{clientId}/statement-requests/{_format} and GET /api/clients/{clientId}/statement-requests/{id} methods cover the functionality and should be used instead.

  • The following endpoints are implemented to add metadata to company profiles:

    • PATCH ​/api​/clients​/{clientId}​/companies​/{companyId} for existing companies.

    • POST /api/clients/{clientId}/companies for new companies on registration.

See Banking API for details.

Mobile Interface

  • The new Profile access limited pop-up window is implemented to inform clients of their pending status. Now the clients with the Suspended verification status will see the new window on sign-in until their status changes.

  • The password recovery process is improved with the new Check your inbox window and the ability to resend the recovery link. The system no longer informs of incorrect email addresses entered.

Web Interface

  • A new modal window is implemented to confirm payment draft deletion.

  • The Password field is now validated on sign-up not to be longer than 72 symbols.

  • Previously, clients could not return to the sign-in page after the password recovery was requested. Now the Back to login button is implemented to improve the recovery usability.


Mobile Interface

Subscription plan fees were not visible in the Fees section of the profile settings. Now the issue is fixed.


Railsr quarantine transactions could not be approved via the Admin Panel. The issue is fixed and works as intended.

Web Interface

Account balances in statements could differ when selecting a period between the last day of a month and the first day of the following month. The issue is fixed and works as intended.

Upcoming Updates



The language field will be supported by the /public/register and /public/register/full methods. It will be possible to set the field to one of the options defined in the locale field. If the language field is not specified manually, it will be set to English by default.

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