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Crassula Release Week 9

core v.24.02.12-24.02.12
client v.24.02.8-24.03.1


Administrative Panel

  • Introduced a new Reserved balance column to the Banking > Accounting report, offering more detailed insights into account holdings.

  • Added a "Tag from" filter to the Admin > Reports > Banking section, enhancing report customization and data analysis. This update allows for more precise reporting in the following areas:

    • Reports/Banking/Accounting: Now filters accounts based on whether they belong to companies with the specified tag from the filter.

    • Reports/Banking/Charged fees: Counts fees based only on transactions associated with tagged companies.

    • Reports/Banking/Currency turnover: Calculates currency turnover exclusively from transactions of companies with the selected tag.

    • Reports/Banking/Fees: Fee calculations now only include transactions from companies identified by the filter tag.


In addition to the corresponding Administrative Panel update, a new "Tag from" filter feature was also introduced in the following endpoints:

  • GET /api/reports/banking/accounting.{format}

  • GET /api/reports/banking/currency-turnover.{format}

  • GET /api/reports/banking/fees-charged.{format}

  • GET /api/reports/banking/fees.{format}

See Banking API for details.


Introduced a new feature toggle, transfer_fee_credit_in_default_currency: true, which allows for commission transactions to be credited in the default currency if the transaction/exchange was performed from a virtual account. The default currency is set in the configuration as, for example, default_currency: EUR.

Web and Mobile Interfaces

  • Enhanced the Mobile Interface by integrating SumSub document scanning functionality: The feature utilizes the camera on mobile devices to capture images of identification documents, automatically extracting and verifying information such as names and ID numbers through optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

  • Removed the XLS format option from the account statement export feature on iOS and Android applications, streamlining the data export process.

  • Added the functionality to export data in CSV format from Accounts > Details > Statement in the Mobile Interface.


Administrative Panel

Previously, users experienced an issue accessing the IBAN and provider name fields despite having all necessary permissions. The issue is addressed by introducing new configuration settings, which replace the super admin check with a validation that the user has EDIT rights for provider numbers when editing provider numbers for an account.

API documentation

Corrected API documentation for the following email management methods:

  • GET /api/clients/{clientId}/emails

  • PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/emails/{id}

Key updates include:

  • Response body clarification: The GET /api/clients/{clientId}/emails method now correctly describes the non-list response body, offering more accurate documentation than previously which did not detail the actual response structure.

  • Model description: Added detailed response model descriptions to both methods, ensuring users have clear insights into the data structure returned.

  • Status field information: For the PATCH /api/clients/{clientId}/emails/{id} method, it's clarified that the operation updates the status of an email, not the email itself. Documentation and method naming have been adjusted to reflect this functionality accurately.

  • Response message enhancement: Introduced a response message to indicate the successful status update of an email.

See Banking API for details.


Previously clients experienced an issue that prevented them from viewing virtual card details in the wallet due to an internal logging error. Now the issue is fixed: Added request logging to the wallet, and sensitive data under PCI DSS regulations will not be logged, maintaining stringent security standards.


  • Enhanced transaction import functionality in the Intercash system: Previously, when processing two transactions received at different times, only one was imported into the system. Now, both transactions are added, ensuring comprehensive data capture.

  • Implemented enhanced functionality where if there are insufficient funds on the Kraken side, the order will now remain in the "New" status with a "Not enough balance" error, whereas previously, such orders were immediately declined. This change allows for better management of order execution and provides users with the opportunity to address funding issues without losing their order placement.

Web and Mobile Interfaces

Fixed an issue with statement retrieval by updating the logic and introducing a loading indicator in the Web interface. This fix includes the removal of the XLS format and a two-stage refactoring of statement exports: 1) the initial download process, now with the option to minimize or close the window, and 2) the statement export phase, also allowing the window to be hidden or closed for improved user convenience.

Upcoming Updates



We've identified an issue where users were unable to locate the card ledger ID due to its absence in the API response. To address this, we are introducing the externalId parameter to the response body of the GET /api/clients/{clientId}/issued-cards endpoint.

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