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Getting started - Administrative Panel Overview

The following guide is leading you through the Administrative Panel overview and provides additional options to share responsibilities on the client base management. The last stage of the guide allows creating access roles and adding administrators to the panel system.

Resources to help you get started:

Crassula Documentation

Crassula Support -

Administrative panel overview

Crassula administrative panel provides various ways to manage a client base including private persons and companies registration, identification, accounts opening, and transactions overview. 

Follow the steps below to start the overview:

  1. Navigate to your personal Admin Panel sign-in page

  2. Use your email and password to log in

  3. Enter the confirmation code from the app 

The left sidebar consists of the following tabs for better navigation:

  • Banking tab refers to core banking system management (see Getting started - Banking Administrative Panel for more information).

  • Card issuing tab allows to issue, activate and block payment cards; manage card transactions, logs, limits, and holds.

  • Exchange tab provides the access to currency and cryptocurrency exchange orders, mark-up fees setup, rates update from any source with a company's liquidity or use service provider rates.

  • eCommerce tab provides control over merchants connected to the payment gateway, their projects, settlements, and payouts; cards payment gateway methods configuration and alternative solutions.

  • eCommerce config tab helps to customize the PSP service and gateways.

  • Reports tab provides additional details on Banking and eCommerce accounting.

  • Administration tab manages the service administrators and their access to the Admin panel and client base.

  • API tab provides access for API keys generation and access management.

Administration roles

Administrators are the necessary participants in the digital banking operation process. Grant access to an administrator to assign responsibilities.

Follow the steps below to create an access role for future administrators:

  • Navigate to the Administration tab on the left-hand bar

  • Click the Access roles menu item

  • Click Add new in the top-right corner 

  • Enter the role name and description

  • Check the actions in the table below to state the admission

  • Click Create in the bottom-sidebar for confirmation

The number of access roles is not limited, it is possible to create several roles for different purposes.

Administrator assignment

The next step is adding an administrator for the panel:

  • Navigate to the Administration tab on the left-hand bar

  • Click the Administrators menu item

  • Click Add new in the top-right corner 

  • Enter the Administrator’s name, email, and temporary password. An administrator has to update their credentials for the Admin Panel.

  • Click on the Access Roles field and choose the previously set access role. Multiple choice is available.

  • Select the Super Admin checkbox to provide complete access over the administrative panel if needed

  • Click Create in the bottom-sidebar for confirmation

The aforementioned email and password are used by the administrator to log in to the Administrative Panel.

WARNING: The two-factor authentication setup is obligatory for Administrators to log in.

What is next?

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