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Help Center FAQ

Where can I learn more about Crassula Help Center?

Navigate to the Knowledge base or try to search for the required topic using the search bar.

What does ‘Organization' mean?

It's an entity controlled by your Client Manager. It allows us to ensure that only verified accounts have access to your tasks, communication, and information pages. By default, any created request within your Help Center will be shared with all organization members.

How can I add or remove members from my organization?

Contact your Client Manager by filling in the Ask a question request form.

How to subscribe to another person’s request to see all related updates?

Open the request and follow one of the two ways:

  1. Click the Bell button in the right part of the request

  2. Add yourself to the Shared with list.

I can’t decide which request type I should select, what should I do?

You can always start with Software SupportAsk a Question, an agent will guide you to the right place.

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