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[2021] Crassula Release Week 42

core v21.10.6

New Features

Qiwi card acquiring

The new card acquiring is implemented. Now it is possible to process eCommerce payments using the Qiwi service provider. Contact your manager for configuration details.


Account service providers

The list of service providers is improved to provide more obvious options when editing accounts in the Administrative Panel. Now the Clearbank and Alponhab options are renamed and structured according to countries and currencies.


The new Legal name parameter is implemented for Person profiles. The parameter is set by the Sumsub service provider to avoid errors when processing long names. See Personsfor details.


Payment processing

Payment processing could take a long time for some eCommerce clients. The issue is fixed by refactoring the Yandex payments integration.

Recurring fees

Some fees could be debited from closed Primary accounts. The issue is fixed and all fees are charged from active accounts.

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