core v21.10.7
client v21.10.4

New Features

Account statement fields

Now it is possible to define the fileds that are to be displayed in account statements when imported from the Banking Web Interface. The fields are defined in the system configs.

Converted cards delivery

Now it is possible to initiate cards delivery in batches once a day when converting Intercash virtual cards to plastic. The functionality is set in the system configs.


Blocked cards

Now blocked cards are available in the Cards list of the Banking Web Interface. The option can be turned off in the system configs. See Banking Web Interface - Persons and Banking Web Interface - Companies for details.

eCommerce payments

A new error message is implemeneted for eCommerce Qiwi Payment Gateway. Now the error message appears if a merchant creates a payment without email details.


eCommerce reports

Some massive eCommerce reports could not be downloaded. The issue is fixed.

LPB payments

Some LPB eCommerce payments could not be processed if the Payment was not found error appeared. Now the such payments are succesfully declined.