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[2021] Crassula Release Week 44

core v21.11.2

New Features

AliPay acquiring

The AliPay acquiring is implemented for eCommerce. Contact your manager for configuration details.

BIC code field

The BIC code field is implemented in the Administrative panel for Clear Bank Multicurrency accounts. See Accounts for additional details.

Fees charging

Now it is possible to charge fees from a client's account even if the account balance is not enough to cover the charge. Thus, the balance becomes negative and the fee can be successfully charged. The feature can be set in the system configs.

Transactions import

Now Intercash transactions can be automatically imported once a user logs into the Banking Web Interface. The option is set in the system configs.


Batch payments

The Batch payments page is improved. Now it is possible to see advanced details for each batch payment in the Administrative Panel. See Batch payments for additional information.

Payout parameters

The new City and Recipient address parameters are implemented for payouts for more than 15000.

Qiwi payments

Now the Parameter “API key“ is not specified error message provides details on the payment failure. The details are also available in the payment logs.


Column sorting

Some columns in Administrative Panel reports could not be sorted. The issue is fixed.

Crypto transfers

Some crypto transfers could be credited twice. Now the issue is fixed.

Exchange transactions

In some cases, exchange transactions could remain in the Pending status even if the order was failed. Now the issue is fixed and exchange transactions do not remain in the Pending status.

Price lists

In some cases, there were two standard price lists for one category and it was not possible to edit them. Now it is possible to uncheck the Standard check box if the issue appears.

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