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[2021] Crassula Release Week 46

core v.21.11.6

New Features

Antifraud filters for eCommerce Config

The following Antifraud filters are implemented in eCommerce Config:

  • PayerCountryIsInList

  • PayerCountryIsNotInList

  • AnyCountryIsInList

  • AnyCountryIsNotInList

WeChatPay integration

Now WeChatPay is integrated to eCommerce payments for users from China.


Application forms

Now the Application forms section is removed from Person and Company details.

Banking Web Interface

The MasterCard and Visa logos are updated in the Banking Web Interface.

Batch payments

The Amount minor column is removed from the Recipients list of Batch payments. The parameter is also omitted from exported files. See Batch payments for additional details.

Currency exchange

The exchange transactions routing is implemented. Now the system checks for accounts of the specified currency when performing currency exchange. If there are no accounts of the specified currency, the system will check for multicurrency accounts.

Exchange requests

Now only a Super Admin can edit exchange request parameters. Other admin roles are only permitted to view the details.

Issued cards

The Ready to Active status is renamed to Ready for activation. See Issued cards for additional details on issued cards.


Account details

An error occured when editing accounts with no IBAN in the Account provider number list section. Now the issue is fixed.

Card issuing

Now the error 500 text message is displayed correctly defining the issue.

Crypto transfers

In some cases, crypto wallets balance could not be displayed correctly, when performing crypto transfers. The issue is fixed.

Issued cards list

In some cases, it was not possible to open Client profiles from the Issued cards section. Now the issue is fixed.

Issued cards details

The Status check button was not availble if the provider number was not specified. Now the issue is fixed.

Virtual cards

Some virtual cards required activation. The issue is fixed and virtual cards do not require activation now.

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