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Issued cards


The Issued Cards tab provides the list of all cards issued/ordered by Clients in the Web Interface. All cards are issued, supported, and monitored by the service provider; therefore, manual assistance is required only in exceptional cases.

Opening the item

Follow the steps below to see issued card details:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

  2. Click Card Issuing on the left sidebar

  3. Go to the Issued cards menu item to open the list

  4. Click Show or a card mask in the Mask column to open the details

Component parameters

Issued cards list




The column demonstrates the masked card numbers. The complete card numbers are available only for the users for P2P payments processing.

Card holder

The column includes the names of cardholders.


The column defines the name of a Client who issued a card.

Expiration date

The date the card is valid through in the format of MM/YYYY.


The currency of an account the card is issued to.


The parameter defines whether a card is plastic or virtual.


The column includes card issuing statuses which are the following:

  • New - the card-issuing request is created.

  • Error - an error occurred during the card-issuing process; navigate to the service provider for details.

  • Requested - the card-issuing request is successfully sent to the service provider.

  • Ready for Activation - the card is issued and ready to be activated by the cardholder.

  • Active - the card is issued and activated.

  • Suspended - the card is temporarily blocked (the suspension can be set either by a client or the service provider).

  • Suspended Holder - the cardholder is temporarily not allowed to issue cards.

  • Suspended Partner - the service provider is temporarily not available for card issuing.

  • Blocked - the card is closed or permanently blocked.

  • Declined - the card-issuing request is declined manually by the service provider or an Administrator; the request can also be declined if the card is already preordered.

  • Unknown - an unexpected error occurred during the card-issuing process; navigate to the service provider for details.

  • Expired - the card is not valid due to the expiration date.

  • Preordered - the card is preordered by the client; once the preorder request is created, it is to be reviewed by the white label before being sent to the service provider.


The column defines the provider delivering the card issue service.

Created at

Date and time when the card was card issued.


  • Click Show to open the card details without the ability to edit them.

  • Click Activate to activate a card manually.

  • Click Suspend to set restrictions for a card manually.

Note: Manual activation and suspending are to be performed only as an exception; initially, the process is executed by the service provider.


Search for cards by certain parameters. Search is filtered by the following parameters, multiple-choice is available:

  • Mask – a masked card number;

  • Type – virtual/plastic;

  • Status – card statuses (see the list above);

  • Client – the name in the Client profile.


Save the Issued cards list as a JSON/XML/CSV/XLS file.


Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

Configuring the component

The card panel delivers detailed information on an issued card.

Issued card details




General information including the Client name, account number, and the masked number of the card. The parameters correspond to the Issued cards list, though a special parameter is present:

  • Recheck status - click the button to manually initiate a status update on the card.


The field includes types of the allowed transactions:

  • Online Payments parameter defines whether e-payments are enabled for the card. Click Enable/Disable to switch the parameter;

  • ATM Withdrawal parameter defines whether ATM cash withdrawal is enabled for the card (not available for virtual cards);

  • 3DS Payments parameter defines whether the card supports 3D-secure transactions;

  • Contactless Payments parameter defines whether the card is supplied with the PayPass/Paywave technology (not available for virtual cards).


The field includes general information on the Client who issued the card.


The field includes the following details:

  • Provider – the name of the service provider

  • Provider Card Id – internal card identification number in the provider system

  • Provider Reference Number - additional identification number in the provider system

  • Provider User Id - internal Client identification number in the provider system

  • Parameters – masked card number and CVV-code (not masked in Demo Admin Panel)

  • Error – a text message defining any errors occurred, if any.

Billing address

The field includes the information on the Client’s legal address details.

Top sidebar

  • General—the main panel.

  • Imports—the tab allows to request a list of card transactions directly from a service provider. Currently, the functionality is available for Intercash cards.

  • Logs—the tab demonstrates card activity logs. The details are delivered by the service provider.

  • Limits—the tab demonstrates the limits applied to the card.


Click to access the current page right from the Admin Panel.

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