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[2021] Crassula Release Week 48

core v.21.11.10-21.12.1

New Features

Amending account currencies

Now Super Admins can change currencies of existing accounts in the Administrative Panel. It is not possible to change currencies if accounts are not provided with IBAN. The feature is not available by default, contact your manager for configuration details.

External fee enabled

The new External fee enabled parameter is implemented for Banking price lists. If the option is selected, transfer fees will be requested from an external service, while the price list for transfers will be ignored. Contact your manager for configuration details. For additional information, see Price lists.

GlobalPay acquiring

The GlobalPay service provider is integrated for eCommerce payments. Contact your manager for configuration details


Account metadata

Now account metadata details are moved to the new Metadata tab. For additional information, see Accounts.

Client cards section

The Client cards section is renamed to Saved top-up cards. For additional information, see Saved top-up cards.

Currency icons

Now 152 new currencies are provided with a country flag icon in the Banking Web interface.

Masked CVC

Now CVC code is hidden when entering card details in the Banking Web Interface and eCommerce checkout page.


Decta virtual cards

Some Decta virtual cards could not be displayed correctly after activation. Now the issue is fixed.

EURST transactions

Now all EURST incoming transactions are displayed correctly and can be received by wallets.

Kraken exchange

In some cases, Kraken exchange orders could have incorrect order types. Now the issue is fixed.

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