Clear.Bank is an open banking API and compliance platform with headquarters in Bristol, UK. The service provider gives regulated and unregulated companies access to global banking via API. The service provider is integrated to deliver local and international transfers and instant payments.

Default currencies

The following currencies are supported by the service provider and can be set as default:

  • EUR

  • GBP

Only one default currency is allowed for payment processing.


An active financial services license is required to implement the integration. Contact your manager for additional details.



Products and services

The following table describes the services delivered by Clear.Bank.

Service name


Execution details


The provider delivers a service of account opening. An IBAN identifies the account of a customer at a financial institution and allows to send cross-border transfers.


Clear.Bank accounts can be opened for citizens of the following countries:

  • EU (European Union)

  • EEA (European Economic Area)

  • Other countries not included into international sanctioned lists

International transfers (SWIFT)

SWIFT transfers allow the end user to send and receive international payments in multiple currencies outside the EU.

Transfer currencies

It is possible to send SWIFT transfers in the following currencies:

  • EUR (Euro)

  • GBP (Pound sterling)

  • USD (United States dollar)


The functionality supports transfers to all countries included into the SWIFT network.

Faster Payments, CHAPS, BACS

Instant (24/7) interbank transfers that can be filled within one business day.

Transfer currencies

It is possible to make faster payments in the following currency:

  • GBP (Pound sterling)


Clear.Bank faster payments can be executed inside the following country:

  • The United Kingdom.