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[2022] Crassula Release Week 17

core v.22.04.21-22.04.25

New Features

Actual address for Companies

Now it is possible to define both actual and legal addresses for a Company profile. See Companies for additional details on the profile parameters.


Administrative panel

Now the Access denied message is displayed when performing an action without a corresponding access role.


Now it is possible to set the Verification level parameter via API. The Verification status parameter remains unaffected.

Merchant payouts

Now Rimitter name is filled automatically for payouts. See Merchant Dashboard for details.


Now the Bank name field is manadatory for SWIFT payments via the Web Interface.


Cross-currency top-up is now available for issued cards. Now the functionality is available even if the transaction and account currencies are different.


Now it is impossible to manually change a transaction status to Pending if the transaction execution is covered by a service provider.


Card transactions

Import of Railsbank card transactions could fail due to an external server error. The issue is fixed.

FX exchange

In some cases, the exchange rate in the Transaction description field could be displayed incorrectly for mark-up fees. The issue is fixed.


An error occurred when opening a Vault account via API. Now the issue is fixed.

Web Interface

In some cases, the Add funds button was not available. Now the issue is fixed.

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